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Why write to your MP

This can be a very good way of making an impact. Your MP represents you in parliament and therefore needs to listen to you.

How to write to your MP and how to structure your letter.

Make clear you are a constituent. Thank them for any work they have done on the issue so far. Express your concerns and what you would like them to do. And also mention any relevant campaigns/activities you are involved in. Then request a telephone call, virtual meeting or face to face meeting. Finally remember to tell them why aid matters to you. Mention the position of Great Britain as a world moral leader on aid. Mention the positive impact of aid and give examples. And mention the devastation caused by aid cuts and the importance of robust aid scrutiny. Finally do ensure you provide all of your contact details.
NB. It is useful to do some research on your MP before you make contact. Which party do they belong to and what is the party line. What is their political background. Any specific work done/ interest in the subject matter? Have a look at their voting record. Check which committees they serve upon.

Preparing to meet your MP

Whether a telephone call, virtual or live meeting its an idea to know how much time you will be given. Often not very much so plan what you are going to say with some are. Try to ensure there is a clear outcome from the meeting and way forward.

How/where to find your MP’s details and enter your postcode.
You will be given the name of your MP and how to address them. You will also be given their parliamentary address, email and phone number as well as their constituency office phone number.